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Our Story



... Walking and exploring all day with a backpack on your back, you can't wait until you find that perfect site to pitch your tent, set up a fire and enjoy some good camp food...

Our staff know what it's like to be out there, camping in unpredictable weather, rock climbing in between work shifts, and travelling to Nepal or Snowdonia.

Having the right kit for the job is something which our staff are picky about, and you can often see them running around testing the latest technological advancements in kit and equipment. 

After all, adventure is out there!






...Training twice per day, come rain or shine, pushing your body to the edge in search of a personal best, and perhaps, a podium position or a win...

Our staff have been in prominent races both locally and abroad, and we are in constant contact with the islands best athletes and clubs. 

Good performances require providing your body with the best available tools to do the job. That is why we are constantly in search of new technologies and breakthroughs, allowing us to handpick the right equipment to help you be your best!




...That indescribable feeling you get when you push outside of your comfort zone...

We believe that when selling equipment, we are not selling a boot or a tent, but we are providing an EXPERIENCE. A tiny blister can ruin your whole trip.

It is our aim to provide you with kit that let's you embrace your adventures head on! 





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