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Foot Care, Podiatry and Massage at Mochika

Podiatrist Podoligist for Runners

Foot care is very close to our hearts at Mochika. We believe that the key to an active lifestyle starts with healthy feet!

To book a podiatrist or massage appointment, please click here: 

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All our staff are well-trained in shoe and boot-fitting. At our store, we can offer the following services:

- A range of walking, hiking and running shoes for different foot types,

- Superfeet insoles for better shoe fitting,

- A range of supports, socks and compression garments to help increase comfort during physical activity and to reduce and treat injuries,

- A well-developed fitting method to provide you with a complete recommendation for comfortable walking and running.

 These services are available at any time during normal opening hours. If you require more information, kindly contact us!

Furthermore, we also offer the services of a state-registered podiatrist in our in-store clinic. The following services are offered:

- Biomechanical and gait analysis

- Custom insoles

- Footwear advice

- Foot dermatological treatment

- Nail treatment and surgery

- Diabetic foot care

- Pediatric foot assessment


We are now also offering a holistic and deep-tissue sports massage service by a qualified massage therapist in our in-store clinic. The following services are offered:

- Holistic massage therapy

- Sports massage therapy (Deep Tissue)


Podiatrist and Massage services are available by appointment only. To book an appointment, kindly click the 'Book Now' button below or contact us!

Book an appointment with Mochika Outdoor Life using Setmore

Book an appointment with Mochika Outdoor Life using Setmore