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Men's Hiking Footwear

Men's Hiking Footwear

Conquer your next adventure with a pair of comfortable hiking boots or shoes, from leading brands Salomon, Dolomite and CMP.

How to choose your Men's Hiking Footwear?

1) Shoe or Boots?

Choose a hiking boot if you need the best ankle support. This is especially useful if you are hiking long distances or else will be wearing the boot for extended periods, such as when adventure travelling. The boot will prevent your ankle from twisting and from getting tired. The extra height will also give you some extra waterproof/insulation. If this is your first pair of hiking footwear, we recommend getting a boot.

On the other hand, a hiking shoe is a stable shoe which emphasises lightweight and flexibility. If you prefer something light and fast, a hiking shoe may be the way to go!

2) Waterproof?

All footwear that has the acronym GTX or CS WP after the model name, means it is waterproof. We generally recommend getting a GTX pair of shoes, that is, the shoe will have a Gore-Tex membrane, which makes it highly waterproof but also highly breathable (i.e. prevents your feet from getting wet with sweat).

If you will mainly be using the shoe in summer or in hot climates, we recommend getting footwear that is not waterproof. That way, the shoe will be a bit cooler than if it has a waterproof membrane.

3) Which model?

This can be tricky! Our staff are able to help you choose your perfect pair of footwear, along with the right size. In fact, getting this right is the most important first step of any adventure - we like to treat footwear as your most important piece of equipment! If you have ever worn bad shoes, you know what we're talking about.

Furthermore, we will be able to further personalise your footwear with our range of Superfeet insoles (which help adapt the shoe to your particular foot shape, increasing comfort). We also highly recommend getting a pair of specialised hiking socks, since these are a vital part of your footwear experience.



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Get ready to power through uphills & descents with the updated X ULTRA 4 GORE-TEX. It is as agile as a trail-running shoe but with all the stability, grip & waterproof protection you need to tackle technical terrain. Equipped with a new chassis, the shoe is even better at protecting sensitive articulations without compromising freedom of movement.

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